Plant Pathology Graduate Student Association members at the Fayetteville, AR Farmer's Market booth

Student experience outside of the classroom is a crucial component of student success. The Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology offers a variety of opportunities for students to get involved while they are at the University of Arkansas. If you are interested in clubs outside of the department, see the list of Bumpers College student clubs and organizations..

Isely Baerg Entomology Club

The Isely Baerg Entomology Club was formed to (1) stimulate interest in the field of Entomology, (2) perform outreach programs for the public, (3) promote and encourage the professional exchange of ideas in the field of entomology, and (4) foster a close relationship between the students, faculty, and staff. One priority for the Club is the educational outreach program for children. Members talk to children about insects and their role on Earth. Specimens are brought for the children to admire within an interactive and friendly environment. Outreach programs are gladly provided with two weeks prior notice to the club. For outreach inquiries, please email,

  • Members of the Club are composed of graduate and undergraduate students, as well as people in postdoctoral positions that are interested in Entomology. Associate membership is available for University of Arkansas Staff and Faculty. Honorary membership may be extended upon recommendation and three-quarters vote of members present at a regular business meeting. Anyone is welcome to join!
  • For more information contact the club advisor, Dr. Allen Szalanski, at or call (479) 575-4342.
  • Club Constitution

  • The Club co-hosts an Insect Festival held even years. Live insects are displayed, including aquatic insects along with insect fossils. Other aspects of interest are the role of insects in food and insect research at the University of Arkansas. Amazing mounted insects are also available for viewing.
  • Guest Speaker Seminars in Entomology/Ecology

  • President - Blythe Lawson
  • Treasurer - Joshua Chavana
  • Secretary - Cassie Steele
  • Outreach Officer - Paige Cummins
  • For outreach inquiries, please email,
  • Social Media Coordinator - Blythe Lawson
    • Twitter: @ib_ento
    • Instagram: @arkentoclub
  • Club advisor, Dr. Austin Jones, can be reached at


Plant Pathology Graduate Student Association

The mission of the Plant Pathology Graduate Student Association (PLPAGSA) is to provide a forum for the graduate students to enhance their knowledge of Plant Pathology through educational based events, the promotion of professionalism, and fellowship between graduate students.  The vision of the PLPAGSA is to develop a strong Graduate Student Association that will benefit each student before, during, and after his/her studies at the University of Arkansas and to further promote the excellence of the Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology.

If you are interested in joining the PLPAGSA, please email

  • Qiurong Fan (President)
  • Andrea Sierra Mejia (Vice-President)
  • Hannah Zima (Treasurer)
  • Juanita Gil (DSO Representative)
  • Social Media
    • Instagram: @plpa_gsa