Funding Your Degree


The department offers a limited number of 12-month assistantships each year.  The number of positions available depends on the number of funded students who are graduating.  The assistantship pays the tuition of the funded student plus a monthly stipend in exchange for 20 hours of work responsibility. The stipend amount is based on individual student merit. 

Graduate assistantship positions are awarded and managed by the department you are enrolled. These positions may involve teaching, research, or administrative support. To qualify, students must be admitted into the Graduate School and accepted into a degree program.

Our assistantships are competitive. Therefore, applicants must put forth full effort when applying and turn in materials promptly after being admitted into the graduate school.

How to Apply for an Assistantship

You can complete the Graduate Assistant Application and upload it in the Graduate School application portal. 

Awards, Fellowships, and Scholarships

Competitive research fellowships are available to new graduate students enrolling in the Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology.   Program of study can be in either area.

Doctoral Academy Fellowships and Distinguished Doctoral Fellowships

The Graduate College offers two different fellowship programs: Doctoral Academy and Distinguished Doctoral Fellowships. A well-qualified candidate will be nominated for the appropriate fellowship by the Department.  Currently, the DDF is $22,000 per year over four years totaling $88,000. The DAF is $12,000 per year over four years totaling $48,000. 

View criteria for both the Doctoral Academy and the Distinguished Doctoral Fellowships.

Awards, Fellowships, and Scholarships specific to the Dale Bumpers College of Agriculture, Food and Life Sciences, and the Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology:

View application details for these awards, fellowships, and scholarships.

Name of Scholarship

Eligible applicants must be Entomology students and meet the following criteria:

William J. and Eloise F. Baerg Travel Award

Must present a research paper or poster at an annual meeting of the Entomological Society of America or one of its branches

John S. Heiss Fellowship

Completed minimum of 12 credit hours; 3.50 or higher cumulative grade point average; Demonstrated aptitude for and interest in research; May be awarded consecutive years

Isely Entomology

Focus in Plant Protection/Pest Management; Outstanding academic performance; Evidence of significant contribution to research; Publication record

Charles G. Lincoln Fellowship

M.S. recipients must have completed B.S. degree with 3.25 or higher cumulative grade point average; Ph.D. recipients must have completed M.S. degree with 3.50 or higher cumulative grade point average; Demonstrated outstanding academic, research and teaching potential

Jacob R. and Carol D. Phillips

Preference to research on integrated pest management or closely related topic

Lloyd O. and Ruby P. Warren, Scholarship

United States residents with preference to Arkansas residents; graduate students must have completed at least 12 credit hours with 3.25 or higher cumulative grade point average.

Scholarship Name

Eligible applicants must be Plant Pathology students and meet the following criteria:

C. Roy Adair Plant Pathology

Undergraduate Seniors and Graduate Students; Ranked in the upper fourth of their class;  Financial Need; Conducting Research

Katharina Bollenbacher Memorial

3.00 or higher cumulative grade point average; Work with research scientists investigating fungal diseases of plants

Elza Monroe Monty Cralley Award

Enrolled in Ph.D. program; outstanding academic and research accomplishments

Monroe Jack Goode

Preference to nontraditional students; Preference to student of underrepresented groups within the department; Preference to students receiving little or no financial aid (exclusive of loans) and who demonstrate a strong work and community service ethic

Kyung Soo Kim Endowed Graduate Award

Study in Plant Virology; May be renewable

Plant Pathology General

no additional criteria

Derald A. and Betty L. Slack Graduate Award in Plant Pathology

Masters students who have completed two or more semesters

Nancy and Neill Sloan Endowed Graduate Award

Masters students studying cotton research; May be renewable; Award rotates between Plant Pathology, Entomology and Crop Science departments