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The Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology offers teaching and student research programs leading to master’s degrees and Ph.D. degrees in both areas. We also conduct entomology and plant pathology research, and provide extension activities and education.

Entomology students, faculty and researchers study insects and microbes to better understand interactions between organisms and improve agricultural production systems. Core areas of research are plant-pest interactions, applied pest control, genetics of arthropods and microbes, and pest populations with a focus on pest insect and pathogen management, as well as forestry, and urban and structural entomology. Insects and pathogens can be beneficial, and biocontrol pest management is an integral part of the program.

Plant pathology students, faculty and researchers focus on controlling plant diseases, in particular disease management in crops, fungal plant pathogen biology, host/pathogen genetics and interactions, nematology, virology, plant bacterial pathogens and biological control.

Our department relies on emerging technologies such as big data, remote sensing, gene editing and nanotech, and promotes appropriate management methods that balance environmental and economic concerns. Through extension, research-proven technology and methodology are applied throughout Arkansas and beyond. We translate our research from the lab to the field to the food on your table.

Portrait of ENPL Department Head, Ken Korth

Department Head

Dr. Ken Korth

Appointed in 2018


1908 AR Experiment Station Painting

Department History

The Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology was created in 2019 after the  merging of the two respective separate departments at the University of Arkansas. Both departments had rich histories on campus, dating back all the way to the 1880s. 

Plant Science Building sign


The Department main office is located on campus, while faculty and other researchers are spread out across the state.

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