John C. Rupe

John C. Rupe

University Professor

(DREX)-Director Experiment Station

(UADA)-UA Division of Agriculture

Phone: 479-575-2778

Fax: (479) 575-7601

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Soybean diseases
Expertise and Instrumentation: Epidemiology and control of plant diseases, ecology of soybean pathogens 

Research focuses on the epidemiology and control of soybean diseases with emphasis on:  seedling diseases, charcoal rot, frogeye leaf spot and sudden death syndrome (SDS).  With seedling diseases, we are determining the effectiveness of fungicidal seed treatments, which pathogen groups are most important, the efficacy of resistance to Pythium spp. in soybean seedling disease management, and the role of the environment in plant stand establishment.  Charcoal rot resistance is being studied in the field and greenhouse in inoculated trials.  Microplot studies on charcoal rot are determining the effects of resistance, inoculation, and watering regime to charcoal rot development.  Cultivars are being screened for frogeye leaf spot resistance and races of the pathogen, Cercospora sojina, in the state are being determined.  We are completing work on SDS on the interactions of the SDS pathogen, Fusarium solani f.sp. glycines, with the soybean cyst nematode (SCN), Heterodera glycines and the determination of the genetics of SDS resistance.  A new area of research is in relating seed vigor to field performance under stressed environmental conditions.

  • PLPA 5313:  Advanced Plant Pathology - Ecology and Epidemiology (Team-Taught with Dr. Rothrock and Dr. TeBeest.  My section is on quantitative epidemiology.
  • PLPA 5404:  Diseases of Economic Crops (Team-Taught with others in the department.  My section is on diseases of soybean.
  • B.A.- Goshen College, Indiana, (Biology)

  • B.S.- Colorado State University, (Plant Pathology)
  • M.S.- University of Kentucky, (Plant Pathology)

  • Ph.D.- University of Kentucky, (Plant Pathology)

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  • American Phytopathological Society:  Counselor for the Southern Division and member of the Financial Advisory Committee
  • University:  Member and Vice-chair of the Faculty Senate