Jim Correll

Jim Correll

Distinguished Professor

(DREX)-Director Experiment Station

(UADA)-UA Division of Agriculture

Phone: 479-575-2710

Fax: (479) 575-7601

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Vegetable crops and rice diseases

Biology, genetics and molecular biology of fungal and oomycete pathogens

My interests are in applied and basic research in plant pathology. My basic research efforts are on the genetics and population biology of plant pathogenic fungi. Pathogens of interest include Pyricularia (Magnaporthe), Colletotrichum, Fusarium, and Verticillium species, oomycete pathogens like the spinach downy mildew (Peronospora farinosa f. sp. spinaciae = P. effusa) and white rust (Albugo occidentalis) pathogens. My laboratory uses genetic (vegetative compatibility, mating) and molecular tools (DNA fingerprinting, SNPs, and gene sequencing) to characterize the inter- and intraspecific phylogenetic relationships among economically important plant pathogens. We also examined the relationship between genotype and virulence and the evolution of virulence in plant pathogenic fungi and oomycetes. This information has been used in screening procedures to breed for disease resistance. In addition, we are developing molecular markers in spinach with a focus on markers linked to downy mildew disease resistance genes as an effort to incorporate marker assisted selection to incorporate economically important traits into spinach.

My applied interests have focused on managing diseases of various crops particularly egetable crops and rice using Integrated Management Practices. My efforts have focused on the numerous disease management practices including resistance, cultural practices, and chemical and non-chemical methods of disease control. Crops which I have had considerable experience with include numerous vegetables (particularly spinach, tomato, and cucurbits), fruit (apple, peach, mango, kiwi, strawberry), and rice.

 I have also been involved in a wide range of international collaborative projects on rice and vegetable diseases, integrated pest management, and the population biology of plant pathogenic fungi and oomycetes; the foreign assignments have been located in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Thailand, China, the Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, Bolivia, Nigeria, Liberia, Kenya, Uganda, Burkina Faso, Benin, and Egypt. Most of these collaborative efforts have been funded by USDA, USAID, Winrock International, and ACDI/VOCA.

We are also involved in a collaborative project entitled "Durable rice blast resistance through genomic analysis of the host-pathogen interaction" funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation through the United Kingdom BBSRC program.

  • Diseases of Economic Crops (Team taught)
  • Plant Pathogenic Fungi
  • Plant Disease Control
  • B.S.- Pennsylvania State University (Plant  Science)
  • M.S.- University of California, Berkeley (Plant Pathology)
  • Ph.D.- University of California-Berkeley (Plant Pathology) 

Publications (updated January 2016)

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2002       Certificate of Appreciation, Winrock International, Morrilton, AR

2003       Certificado de Visitante Distinguido, Partners for the Americas, Santa Cruz, Bolivia

2003       APS Symposium (invited speaker) Biology and management of turfgrass anthracnose. Charlotte, NC.

2003       Invited outside committee member, PhD thesis, Eugenia Gonzalez, Raleigh, NC

2004       Panelist for the Biology of Plant-Microbe Associations program of the USDA/NRI/CSREES/USDA

2005       Panelist for the Biology of Plant-Microbe Associations program of the USDA/NRI/CSREES/USDA

2005       The Presidents’ Silver Volunteer Service Award, President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation, USA Freedom Corps

2005       John White Outstanding Research Award

2005       John White Outstanding Team Research Award

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2011       Outstanding M.S. student Advisor Award

2011       Outstanding PhD. Student Advisor Award

2012       Graduate Student Invited Speaker – Michigan State University

2012       Panel Manager for the Common Bean Productivity Research for Global Food Security, USDA/NIFA

2013       Elected APS Fellow

2013       The Presidents’ Bronze Volunteer Service Award, President’s Council on Service and Civic Participation, USA Freedom Corps.

2012-15 Scientific Advisor Board Member for USDA/NIFA Grant on Blast Disease of Rice and Wheat (4 years)